Dear All, 


As another season ends, this time with a worldwide pandemic stopping us playing since march, we have no choice but to look forward to next season. 

We are now three seasons into our partnership with Umbro and again, I believe that they have improved on last season’s service. Each season we will change only our match shirt, and every second season we will change our complete kit. So with being our third season, we will be changing our match shirt only. All other items and kit packs will still be available to buy but the only compulsory purchase for players staying with us will be our new match shirt. 


Again we are also going into the 3rd season of our BHFC curriculam to help develop the players in the correct way. We have also had a coach mentor observing sessions and giving feedback to help make the coaching better. Again, we will move some coaches around through the summer to ensure they are working with the best age groups to suit their skills.  


We started our two new sessions and think both have been huge successes, both the Elite group and technical sessions will start again and we aim to take these sessions to the next level. 

We have penciled in June Trials and end of season presentation, but await news from the government, Football association and Wandsworth council on when we are able to return so please look out for news and details. 


All players are required to pay a £60 deposit to secure their space for the 2020/21 season.


Can all players not resigning for next season please let us know ASAP; this will help us to know how many new players we can sign to the club. 


Thank you all for your patience and support through this crazy time.

Code of Conduct

As every year player/spectators will sign a Code of Conduct. Please make sure these are read, understood and adhered to.

Players behaviour is something I am urging coaches to clamp down on poor behaviour in training. Failure to behave appropriately will result in less game time and in extreme situations, players could be left out of a match or worst case scenario removed from the club. Same goes with parents. Although our parents on a whole very good, we still have occasions where parents are coaching or shouting at refs. This is unacceptable, and could result in parents being asked not to attend games or training.


In the past the club has been heavily subsidised by the charity. Going forward The Guy Mascolo Football Charity will no longer be able to subsidise The Club.


Season Fee £660(including deposit)


£60 per month

Since the loss of the funding from GMFC & The outbreak of Covid-19 we will no longer be in the position to offer the bursaries that have been funded by GMFC for so long. We are looking at ways that we can make this possible. For example Sponsoring a player, sponsor a kit for a player, sponsor the club or an individual team.

Please register your interest below should these bursaries become available.



We will continue to play in LCSYFL & Surrey Youth League. we cannot publish results (our results password (bhfcresults).

We do not run the LCSYFL, each year we pay to enter, so any issues with the league are dealt with by myself and Myles.

Each week we are given fixtures by the league, so we have no initial control on when they are sent to us. As soon as we receive them we notify you.

Oppositions like ourselves are independent organisations/groups/clubs. Any issues with there coaches, players, parents please take it up with is and we can deal with it accordingly.


Teams will be selected after our trials and announced early July.

We do ask that any changes to your child’s team be supported. All players in addition will be monitored throughout the season and once the selection process is in progression myself, Myles and the new and current coaches will make the final decisions.

ALL PLAYERS are only moved to aid their development. If we feel a player needs to be moved up or down to improve them as a player.  Trust us, we know what we are doing.


Blue Teams: Our 1st team. These are our competitive teams.  All blue teams will make substitutions and selections for matches to win games and will depend on oppositions and how a particular game is going. (might not get equal game time)


Azzuri Teams: These are our 2nd teams. We will endeavour to give all players equal game time, regardless of oppositions and results.


Sky Team: These are our 3rd team players. We will endeavour to give all players equal game time, regardless of oppositions and results.



Every 2 years, we make slight changes and move coaches around. We need to make sure Coaches are working with the correct age group to get the best out of them.

Please make sure you raise any concerns or complaints regarding your coaches with myself or, as it is vital that the coaches are complying with our expectations for high standards.