Anthony & Pat Mascolo,


We are passionate about South London, Football and the memory of Anthony's brother Guy.
They have enabled the Charity to grow and flourish, helping more and more young people every year and changing their lives for the better.

Allan Hogg,


Allan is a long time business associate and friend of Anthony Mascolo for the past 25 years.

Allan oversees the business structure of the Charity, The Club and The Education Centre, improving the quality, professionalism.

His main goal is longevity for both via sponsorship and fundraising and raising their profile so that the Charity can help many more young people and expand it's horizons.


Almira Alidon

BHFC/GMFC Director of Operations

Almira has worked with the Mascolo Family for over 15 years. She manages the business administration of The Charity, The Club and The Education Centre and works closely with Allan to ensure the Charity’s operations run efficiently and professionally.